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Gulf Insurance

Life Insurance

Life Insurance (Income Protection):

We offer through this insurance Financial Security for all individuals and families.
Families could face risk of death or disability for one of their breadwinners (God Forbid), thereby exposing other family members to face a real danger which is the financial difficulty. And here comes the role of our company to provide protection against financial losses and gives security to policy owners , insureds and beneficiaries.
In this way all people who have sufficient cover will be able to seek and implement their goals and aspirations in life without the need to save money, because they know that in the event of death, the insurance company will help their family to overcome their financial difficulties when it occurs.

If you are interested in Life Insurance, our sales representative can visit you. Please fill in and send the following application to us:

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Types of life insurance that we provide are ( Coverage is all around the world):

- Individual Life Insurance:

The company is committed to pay a fixed amount determined by the policy owner to the beneficiaries whom he has already chosen in case of death of the insured or permanent total disability (God Forbid) during the period of insurance ,which is between 1 year to 20 years.
Also, our company undertakes to pay a percentage of sum insured equivalent to the level of disability in case of permanent partial disability due to an accident. And in case of temporary total disability due to an accident, the company will pay weekly salary within the limits of 50,000 S.P.

- Life Insurance with Returned Premium:

This product provides a full protection against the risk of Death(Natural, Sickness, or Accidental) and Permanent Disability Due to Accident, where the company is committed to pay the amount of protection chosen by the policy.
The company will return a part of the paid premiums ( between 60% and 80%).

  1. Insureds can start their insurance at ages between 20 and 64 years.
  2. Sum Insureds are between 1,500,000 S.P. and 10,000,000 S.P.

This product includes three models , as follows:

Period of Insurance

Returned Premium

Sum Insured
( Minimum Level – Maximum Level)

3 Years


1,500,000 S.P. to 10,000,000 S.P.

5 Years


1,500,000 S.P. to 10,000,000 S.P.

7 Years


1,500,000 S.P. to 10,000,000 S.P.

- Credit Life Insurance (For Loans):

The Company undertakes to pay the remaining amount of Loan to the Bank in case of Death or Total Permanent Disability of the Insured.

- Group Life Insurance:

Any company or organization can buy life insurance for it’s employees to provide protection for their family members in case of employee’s death or disability.
For more information, please review the following forms and documents:

- Individual Life Insurance Questionnaire

- Group life Insurance Questionnaire


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